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For the last two months my 21 month old daughter has been waking up in the morning screaming and crying and it so distressing for the both of us. It's gotten so bad I can't console her for the first few mins and she seems to refuse/ reject my first offers for cuddles and touch . She won't let me pick her up out of the cot , she throws her body around in the cot and then today she hit her head so I don't feel like she's safe in her cot when she first wakes. Eventually she will reach her arms up for cuddle and then just sink into my arms for a few mins . I am at a loss on why this is happening. She sleeps from 7-7 with no overnight wakes ( unless sick or teething) and we have a really great bedtime routine and she eats really well at dinner time.

I have tried the following.. 1. rushing into her as soon as she wakes and giving her cuddles before it escalates but it always escalates 2. giving her some time to herself so not rushing in but then she only cries worse when she's left alone 3. Going into her but just sitting next to cot until she's ready for a cuddle and often when doing this I sing a song or just tell her I am here for when she is ready 4. offering her some extra comfort toys but she already sleeps with her bunny but I have noticed she just throws it out of cot when I walk in room but then screams for it back. So I hand it back and then she just throws it again.

Is there something else I can do ? Any suggestions please? Or do you think I just suddenly have a bubba who will never wake up happy despite going to bed so contently and sleeping for such a long time. Thank you .

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