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8 Tips For Those With An Over Active Child

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Your over active child may have been diagnosed as having ADHD or another condition or perhaps no explanation can be found for all that excess energy. Whether your child has a label or not here are a few tips which may help manage the over active child.

Children playing
Image courtesy of Pixabay

1. Give praise for positive behaviour
Watch out for more controlled, quieter behaviour and give praise. An over active child can develop low self esteem if he/she is always in trouble and being reprimanded.

2. Provide opportunities to let off steam
Outdoor activities are a good way to use up some of that energy. Suitable activities could include climbing at the playground, gym or kindergym activities, running at a park, trampolining, bike riding and swimming. Team sports suit some children but not others. If your child is poorly coordinated and doesn't enjoy team sports, try other activities.

After a day at school, trying to sit still and follow the rules, your child is likely to benefit from some outdoor time.

Children playing
Time at the playground is an opportunity to let off steam Image by Marie Vonow

3. Spend time in a natural setting
Children in general benefit from time spent in close contact with nature (read more). The beach, river, hills or other natural setting can be soothing for an over active child as well as being a place they can run and yell.

4. Avoid crowded, noisy places
If your child finds crowded situations unsettling, try to avoid them if possible. This may mean planning shopping trips or outings for times that are likely to be quieter. It may be better to go to a smaller supermarket. If there is someone to mind your child to avoid having to take him/her along this could be advisable. Shopping online is another possibility.

In some circumstances it may be better not to take your over active child to certain events if they are going to spoil the event for other family members and not enjoy the activity. Some children are over stimulated by activities where there are lots of people. Others find lots of noise confuses them or hurts their ears leading them to behave in an undesirable way.

5. Avoid extended waiting time
If your child gets restless when required to wait for lengthy periods, try to schedule appointments for first thing in the morning or immediately after the lunch break. Hopefully the person you have to see will be on time and a wait can be avoided.

Alternatively, phone to ask how long you are likely to have to wait. Perhaps you can arrive later to avoid a long sit in the waiting room. If you arrive and are told there is a long wait, it may be advisable to take your child for a walk to fill in some time. (Some doctors etc manage to keep on time but others don't.)

6. Provide soothing activities
Some children find sitting in a rocking chair or using a swing soothing. Blowing bubbles can also be relaxing. Perhaps it is the deep breathing that is necessary or perhaps the 'magic' of looking at reflected light on the surface of the bubbles.

Children playing
Blowing bubbles can be relaxing Image courtesy of Pixabay

7. Encourage quiet activities before bed time
Some children find it difficult to 'switch off' at the end of the day. If falling asleep is a problem, encourage a routine of quiet activities prior to bed time. A warm bath may prove relaxing. Perhaps a warm milk drink (or non dairy drink if your child is lactose intolerant) will help. There are various herbs which some find relaxing but your child may not be so keen on the taste.

Young children often benefit from a story at bedtime and older children may like to read to themselves.

If your child is tense, it may help to gently massage his/her neck and shoulders. Listening to a recording of positive visualisation techniches can encourage sleep and increase self esteem at the same time. Some children find listening to soothing music helpful.

8. End the day on a positive note
No matter what has happened during the day, try to end on a positive note. As you tuck your child into bed, let there be no doubt that you accept and love him/her.

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