Adelaide's Favourite Lactation Consultants

Adelaide's Favourite Lactation Consultants

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The Adelaide Mums Group Useful Lists are a quick and easy point of information for all local mothers, and those new to Adelaide. They have been compiled by Adelaide Mums Group members , who have provided feedback, hints, local knowledge, and important information on places and services for kids and parents across Adelaide.

A new addition to our ‘Useful Lists’ is Adelaide’s Favourite Lactation Consultants.

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Child and Family Health Services
CaFHS are a well-known organisation that specialise in helping families with their health and wellbeing. There are over 100 CaFH Services around South Australia.

Our Adelaide Mums Group members have praised the works of the Norwood clinic (34 The Parade, Norwood, 5067), and the clinic at Ingle Farm (Ingle Farm Children’s centre, 2 Belalie Road, Ingle Farm, 5098).

• AMG member stated that ”Pauline at cafhs [sic] (Norwood clinic) was better than a private lactation consultant for me”

• Another AMG member mentioned that Yvonne from Ingle Farm CaFHS is ”really nice”.

”I found cafhs lactation consultants better than private and private hospital ones. Would go there first next time.”

Click here for more information.

Australian Breastfeeding Association
ABA is a service which provide Mothers with information and support while pregnant, as well as post-partum. They hold regular Breastfeeding Education Classes around Australia.

Click here for information on the Breastfeeding Education Classes in South Australia.

ABA also support women breastfeeding in the workplace, and are committed to supporting you through this new transition.

If you have any concerns about breast feeding, please call the Breastfeeding Helpline on 1800 686 268

Jill Bruce
Breastfeeding Support Services.

54 Ragaffun Drive, Hallett Cove 5158
0416 008 775

• An AMG member said that ”Jill Bruce is great!”

c/o Blooming in Adelaide Lactation Consults n Placenta Service

Blooming in Adelaide
As well as other maternal and baby support, Blooming in Adelaide are lactation consultants as well.
• Many of our AMG members have given praise to Rebecca Kubenk: ”She’s fantastic and I recommend my clients to her”

” I love Rebecca too.”

”She’s really is amazing”.

”Rebecca Kubenk is amazing and the support she gives you after your appointment is amazing.”

To make a booking, call 0414 701 412
Or send Rebecca a message here .

Lactation Consultants of Australia and New Zealand
LCANZ Is a not-for-profit organisation helping and supporting mothers around Australia and New Zealand with breastfeeding. There are webinars and events held throughout the year. Wendy Norris organises the S.A events.

LCANZ also have a directory of Lactation Consultants, to find one closest to you, click here .

Adelaide Lactation Consultants
Adelaide Lactation Consultants provide a number of different support methods to help you ease into breastfeeding, or diagnose the problems you may be having.

They offer In-Home Consultations,
2-hour Small Group Antenatal Breastfeeding Sessions,
45-minute - 1-hour Antenatal Breastfeeding Education, and
Skype Lactation Consultations.

They also have information on their website about positioning and attachment ,
supply ,
mastitis , and
looking after yourself .

To make a booking, call 0414 721 372
Or send them a message here .

AMG members have highly recommended Megan Goodeve, stating:
”Megan Goodeve is lovely.”

”I highly recommend Megan Goodeve too!”

”I had her too and she was very lovely and very calm and related to your every concern.”

Brad Allen
Home visit support from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)/Parent Educator,

0408 271 841

AMG members have said:
”Brad Allen is brilliant, works out of Ashford but does private consults.”

”Brad Allen was recommended to me today from my Physio”

”I found him quite caring, sensible and matter of fact, didn't try to push me in a particular direction which I needed with all the emotions that brings with breast feeding.”

”The concept of a male lactation consultant scared me initially but Brad was really good I’d definitely recommend.”

c/o My Private Midwife- Hypnobirthing Adelaide

My Private Midwife
Kate Bergamasco has been a Registered Nurse, midwife and child health nurse for 23 years, and also a IBC Lactation Consultant .
My Private Midwife will come to you for support, guidance, and education on breastfeeding, they can help you with an array of breastfeeding problems, such as sore nipples, low supply, over supply, mastitis, etc.
To contact My Private Midwife, click here .

An AMG member said:
”You have to see Kate Bergamasco! At 6 weeks I thought my milk wasn't coming in, but with Kate's help, I breastfed til nearly 18 months, I can't thank her enough! She's in North Adelaide”

Emma Archer Lactation Support
Emma Archer provides a variety of support for mothers, such as, an hour-long Lactation Support at your own home, Antenatal Breastfeeding Plan, and Online Consultation.

You can contact Emma Archer on 0490 878 129, or you can find her at the Women’s Health Clinic in Regency Park.

Marianne Sturm Lactation Consultant
Marianne Sturm will come to your home to help with any breastfeeding problems you may have.

Marianne also helps expectant mothers formulate a breastfeeding plan that will suit the needs of the mother and baby.

For more information on Marianne Sturm Lactation Consultant, read our article, here .

You can contact Marianne on 0418 895 611, or email her at [email protected]

If you have experienced a fantastic Lactation Consultant that is not on our Useful List, please let us know and we will update the information.

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[INTRO Lactation Consultants are an absolute godsend for mothers who are trying to overcome these early motherhood hurdles. We have compiled a list of , with the help of our wonderful Adelaide Mums Group members.]

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