Adelaide's Favourite Public and Private Maternity Hospitals, Birth Centres and Midwife Services

Adelaide's Favourite Public and Private Maternity Hospitals, Birth Centres and Midwife Services

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The Adelaide Mums Group [Link Useful Lists] are a quick and easy point of information for all local mothers and those new to Adelaide. They have been compiled by [link Adelaide Mums Group] members who have provided feedback, hints, local knowledge and important information on places and services for kids and parents across Adelaide.

The first of our 'Useful Lists' is Adelaide's Best Public and Private Maternity Hospitals, Birth Centres and Midwife Services.

Flinders Medical Centre
Location: Flinders Drive, Bedford Pk, Adelaide
Contact: Phone 08 8204 5511
Website: [link Visit here.]

Here's what Adelaide mums had to say:
  • "I had my first 6 months ago through the Flinders Public. I found the care of the midwives before, during and after to be absolutely fantastic. I felt extremely supported throughout my whole pregnancy and birth. I ended up having to have an emergency c-section and the doctors and midwives again were great. They kept me informed and kept me calm during the surgery. I could not recommend the Flinders Public highly enough."

  • "Yep I second Flinders Public! It was my midwife's first day back on the labour ward after 5 years and you couldn't even tell, she was amazing, the nurses that looked after me and the nurses in NICU were amazing! Couldn't fault them :)."

  • "I couldn't fault my experience when delivering my baby girl 3 months ago at Flinders through the Southern Midwifery Group! The midwives were just incredible & so helpful throughout my pregnancy & for many weeks after!"

  • "Had my 2 children at Flinders Medical Centre and never had a problem with them."

  • "Flinders were amazing in the before and after care but refused me my uninterrupted first hour, as it was an Emergency C they had no reasoning other than policy, an old one that needs to change."

  • "Absolutely loved and couldn't fault (except for car parking) Flinders Public. Right from the time I entered I was well looked after by the midwives. My whole C section experience was a lot more friendlier than when I was a private patient at another hospital with my second child."

  • "I can't speak highly enough about FMC either. My daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition shortly after birth and the midwives and NNU/NICU were nothing short of incredible. We were worried we would lose her (thankfully she's now 2.5 and doing wonderfully) and I had a nurse cry with me, a midwife come visit the NNU each day to check how we were all doing and another bring us flowers. It still makes me teary thinking of all the love and support we received from actual strangers. My second daughter was born there just last month with the midwifery group practice and although a completely different experience they were just as incredible."

  • North Eastern Community Hospital
    Location: 580 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown, Adelaide
    Contact: Phone 08 8366 8111
    Website: [link Visit here.]

  • "Both kids were born at North Eastern Private Hospital. Absolutely the best ever and food was yummo. North Eastern Private 100% absolutely the best. I had both kids there and if there is a third I will be going there again."

  • "North Eastern Community Hospital tops the list. AMAZING Obstetricians/Midwives. Such a caring & relaxed maternity ward. I had the best birthing experience."

  • Women's And Children's Hospital
    Located: 72 King William Road, North Adelaide
    Contact: Phone 08 8161 7000
    Website: [link Visit here.]

  • "I had a high risk pregnancy with my last pregnancy. Women's and Children's hospital were amazing the whole way."

  • "Women's and Children's Public were absolutely amazing for me. All the midwives and doctors were wonderful."

  • "I was part of midwifery group led practice through Women's and Children's Hospital. The care was fantastic, only saw a doctor for baby's check up before we discharged home."

  • "Loved MGP at WCH! Amazing continuity of care! Became so close with my midwife! Would now consider her my friend!!"

  • "Me too! Absolutely loved it. Had a natural, intervention free birth and became really close to my midwife. Great experience all round."

  • Lyell McEwen Hospital
    Location: Haydown Road, Elizabeth Vale
    Contact: Phone 08 8182 9000
    Website: [link Visit here.]

  • "Had my little man at Lyell McEwin and loved it! Midwifes for appointments were lovely and so thorough, when I was induced and during labour they were absolutely the best and after were lovely too."

  • "Lyell McEwin was great in high risk with both my pregnancies, the special care nursery is also amazing."

  • Calvary North Adelaide Hospital
    Location: 89 Strangways Tce, North Adelaide
    Contact: Phone 08 8239 9100
    Website: [link Visit here.]

  • "Calvary North Adelaide, all the midwives were amazing, I couldn't fault the hospital or the nurses. Dr Carmel Cocchiaro from North Adelaide obstetrics and gynaecology."

  • "Seconding Calvary North Adelaide. I was under the care of Dr Yap with y incredibly high-risk pregnancy. My son's birth, although a bit traumatic for everyone, went as well as it coud have possible gone under the circumstances. Everyone was absolutely fantastic there and were so helpful.

  • Ashford Private Hospital
    Location: 55 Anzac Highway, Ashford, Adelaide
    Contact: Phone 08 8375 5222
    Website: [link Visit here.]

  • "I went to the Ashford Private Hospital for both my girls, and am there again currently with this pregnancy. I've absolutely loved it! My sister in laws have been to Lyell McEwin and Gawler and loved both as well. I think a lot of it does come to personal experience, though."

  • "Carl Lam is a gem of an obstetrician based Ashford Hospital."

  • Mount Barker District Soldiers' Memorial Hospital
    Location: 87 Wellington Road, Mount Barker
    Contact: Phone 08 8393 1777
    Website: [link Visit here.]

  • "Mount Barker is amazing for midwives and public :) absolutely amazing."

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