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Adelaide's Recommended Obstetricians

by Jodi (follow)
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The Adelaide Mums Group Useful Lists are a quick and easy point of information for all local mothers and those new to Adelaide. They have been compiled by Adelaide Mums Group members who have provided feedback, hints, local knowledge and important information on places and services for kids and parents across Adelaide.

A new addition to our 'Useful Lists' is Adelaide's Recommenced Obstetricians.

Adelaide's Recommended Obstetricians, Useful Lists, Adelaide Mothers Group

Dr Chris Sexton
64 Kensington Rd, Rose Park SA 5067
Phone: (08) 8331 8411

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Here's what Adelaide Mums had to say:
"I had Chris Sexton for all 3 of my babes, he's wonderful."
"Yes yes yes, Chris is amazing!"
"Agreed 100%! He was highly recommended and lived up to expectations ;)"
"Dr Chris Sexton is amazing. No issue gets brushed aside and he and the ladies in his office make you feel as though you are the only person in the world having a baby! A very special experience 💕"
"I 100% agree with this. His personality is also worth noting - I was with him for my fourth child and he had me laughing right through. A thorough gentleman and special clinician xx"
"Absolutely agree Chris and all his staff are fantastic! As an older first time mum his humour and professionalism kept me positive through my whole pregnancy, and he was an absolute pillar of strength during birth! Brilliant person and as already said a thorough gentleman!!"
"Yes! Totally a Chris Sexton fan. Had both my babies with him, and he's pretty certain I'll be back with a third. That's probably the only thing I'm not sure he's spot on with 😉"
"Dr Chris Sexton delivered both of my children. Very professional and easygoing. The whole team is amazing!"

Dr Ray Yoong at Ashford Hospital
3/19 Alexander Ave, Ashford SA 5035
Phone: (08) 8371 2244

"His rooms are at Ashford. We met Ray through Repromed for futility and then he became our obstetrician. His nurse Alice is so beautiful, caring and just a lovely friendly person❤ Anytime of the day i could get in contact with Ray and if i needed to see him he always made time. I also found it very convenient when we where seeing Chris Muntt (pediatrician) because Ray Yoong rooms are opposite to Chris. I actually miss seeing Ray i guess i will have another baby so i can visit Ray ❤❤❤"
"I second that. Ray is awesome!"
"I third that! Ray was fantastic with my pregnancy. I suffered hyperemesis gravidium and he was very supportive and knowledgeable throughout the experience. He would arrange extra care whenever I needed it. And agree, Alice was equally as amazing! What a an awesome team!"
"Yup, he was amazing :)""
"Ray Yoong at Ashford. From seeing him at Repromed to Ashford, he was there for our entire journey! Can't recommend highly enough 😊"

Dr Carl Lam at Ashford Hospital
57 Anzac Hwy., Ashford SA 5035
Phone: (08) 8297 9885

"Absolutely amazing. His rooms are also at Ashford. He has such a beautiful & caring nature & we cannot recommend him highly enough. I had a really difficult pregnancy preeclampsia & gestational diabetes & he delivered us a healthy baby boy. We are lucky to have such qualified doctors in Australia."
"We also saw Carl and he is absolutely amazing as are all of his staff. They go over and above to make sure all their clients are well."
"Totally agree with you Jenni! Our baby was born on Easter Monday. He made a special trip to Flinders on Easter Sunday to talk to me about delivering our baby early as I was so sick. He also would call me whilst I was in hospital just to check I was okay. I am so happy we chose Carl. We were in the very best hands."
" I third this! Him, his staff, everything and everyone was amazing! I'll be going back there next time!!"
"Dr Carl Lam at Ashford is very good! Highly recommended"
"Dr Carl Lam at Ashford Hospital is amazing. Very knowledgeable, experienced and informative with an amazing array of comedy ties! He and his whole team at Ashford were incredible for the preparation and then birth of our daughter."
"Definitely Dr Carl Lam. Have had two bubs with him. He is extremely kind, gentle, thoughtful, knowledgeable and experienced. He and his team are very accommodating. His rooms at Ashford are lovely and he delivers at both Ashford and Flinders Private. Plus he wears great ties!!!"
"Dr Carl Lam did an amazing job during my pregnancy, emergency C section and follow up sessions. As he went to a conference during my pregnancy he referred us to another practice in Ashford with Dr Anneliese Perkins. She was so lovely and personable. Now i don't know which ob to have for the next one!"
"Dr Carl Lam at Ashford has delivered both my babies. He is exceptionally calm and supportive, especially when things become more serious. Both of our births had some complications, but he made me feel safe, in control, confident and calm and we managed to deliver both biggish babies through vaginal births!"
"Dr Carl Lam at Ashford & Flinders Private. He is so warm, caring and professional. He has delivered both of our boys via c section & also completed a D&C after a miscarriage & removed a large ovarian cyst. He has always been amazing. His staff, including his wife a Dr herself."
"He looked after me with endometriosis and was amazing!"
"Totally agree, Carl and his team looked after me through my whole pregnancy and c-section for breech baby."

Dr Jane Wood at Flinders Private
Suite 204 Flinders Private Hospital, Bedford Park
Phone (08) 8299 0070

" Dr Jane Wood at Flinders Private was amazing and I'm now seeing her for my second bubs 😃"
"Dr Jane Wood at Flinders Private. She was always able to answer any question (no matter how silly) in a concise and informative manner, and also kept me very relaxed and calm during my pregnancy ( I was a worry wort due to previous loss and using IVF)."
"I have had Jane Wood at Flinders Private who was amazing pre-delivery but was not at all helpful or supportive when I had an infection of my section wound."
"Dr Jane Wood and Dr Elinor Atkinson at Flinders Private were fantastic. They were both highly recommended to me, and I would highly recommend them both."

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Dr Elinor Atkinson at Flinders Private
Flinders Private Hospital Suite 204 Level 2 Flinders Dr, Bedford Park
Phone (08) 8275 3465

"She used to be a midwife and you can tell. She did everything she could to give me the birth I wanted and when I couldn't have it, she made the whole thing bearable and made sure I understood things for future pregnancies."
"I second her. I had a nightmare pregnancy and she saved my life."
"Dr Elinor Atkinson at Flinders Private. She was my obstetrician when I had my daughter nearly 9yrs ago. I was 19 at the time & was a huge shock to be pregnant, but her & all the midwives at the hospital were absolutely amazing/helpful with me, & not once did I ever feel judged for being such a young mum. I always said if/when I had another baby I wanted to go back to her. As soon as I fell pregnant with my son (now 5months) I knew straight away I was going back to see her. Once again everyone was amazing. This pregnancy had a few scares but Elinor & the hospital were always there for us, & went above & beyond to make me & my husband feel that they cared & were here to support us. Highly recommended the Dr & hospital to anyone wanting to go private"

Dr Darren Roberts
64 Kensington Rd, Rose Park SA 5067
Phone: (08) 8331 8411

"🙌🏼 the best"
"Yep!! Definitely the best!"
"Darren Roberts! Highly recommend. He's so professional and expert in his field yet warm and friendly and really listens to you as the patient/mother. Loves a good Dad joke too"
"Lol he does love a good dad joke"
"Dr Darren Roberts or Dr Chris Sexton both in the same practice "
"Dr Darren Roberts or Dr Chris Sexton both in the same practice"
"Dr Darren Roberts. He is fantastic and will never see anyone else now."
"Three babies with Dr Darren Roberts...highly recommend him. After a 27 hour labour (first baby) with bubs in a challenging position, Dr Roberts did everything to get him out safely and helped me avoid a C-section. His skills were worth everything in that moment! We went on to have two more babies delivered by Darren...and thankfully those were much smoother and shorter deliveries (5hrs and 2.5hrs...thankfully!)."
"Darren Roberts is an amazing Obstetrician!"

Dr Anna Bof
1A Williams Ave, St Morris SA 5068
Phone: (08) 8331 7755

"Her and her team is super caring, organised, professional and like a mother caring for her own child. She listens to your needs and her team is always available to help, before and after delivery of your baby, highly recommended in her professional field by other doctors."
"Yesss Anna is the best!! Supported me through a slightly tricky pregnancy and delivered my daughter safely (and how I had hoped). And the North Eastern Community Hospital was amazing. Staff were wonderful, facilities lovely. 10/10!!"
"I third that. Wouldn't see anyone else."
"Anna is amazing. Totally recommend her and her team"
"Yessss Anna is the best !! And her team ! I've seen her for 4 baby's and would never trust anyone else ! 💗 so many times I would call with concerns and even after hours she would listen and see me !!! Nothing was to hard or stressful for her or the team !!!!"
"We had Anna Bof as well and absolutely loved her. I had some pretty serious mental health issues during pregnancy and she was brilliant, so caring and supportive. Thoroughly recommend her and her team."
"Absolutely Anna she was amazing and so attentive she really listened and was very inclusive of the fathers as well ,the north eastern community was also a fabulous experience."
"Dr Anna Bof, Her team at the practice and also staff at NECH were amazing!"

Dr Preetam Ganu at Flinders Private
Flinders Private Hospital, 201/1 Flinders Dr, Bedford Park
Phone: (08) 8299 0302

"She was a good price and just so warm and caring, absolutely made you feel so comfortable about everything."
"That's who I have :) she is lovely!!! I've not had my bub yet.. (I'm 23wks) but I've had several minor complications and have had to call her multiple times and have emergency visits. Never once have I felt stupid for my questions or my panicking! :) can't recommend her highly enough!"
"Yes she has no judgement and is always there when ever you need, and her staff are lovely as well. Good luck with everything"
"Dr Preetam assisted with my emergency caesarean and was lovely - Did a great job too, neat as a whistle"

Dr Beth Russ
1A Williams Avenue, St Morris
Phone (08) 8331 7755

"I had Dr Beth Russ, she was amazing. I loved how she is so down to earth and realistic. She doesn't have a cold clinical vibe about her like some doctors, she's so professional but also warm and friendly. I enjoyed my visits with her and on the day I had my son she was incredible. .I miss having my appointments with her and can't wait to use her again in the future."
"I had Beth too and feel the same about missing having appointments with her. She is brilliant"
"Yessss I third Beth Russ 👏👏👏 we spent most of our appointments chatting about life & I like that she didn't over think things & reassured you things would be ok! She was amazing on the day of delivery & even came in to do my induction on a Friday night all dolled up for her staff Xmas dinner which was so nice to see her on a 'non-medical' level!! The staff are amazing at her clinic & I absolutely loved Susie & I definitely miss seeing them so regularly! Can't wait for baby no.2 with them :)"
"I had/have Beth too! She's wonderful. Would not want anyone else delivering out babies. Can not speak any more highly of a doctor. So good on many levels!"
"Doctor Beth Russ at North Eastern Community Hospital. She is absolutely amazing. So caring and Friendly would highly recommend. Also the midwives at nech are amazing too."
" I have to say Dr Beth Russ. Also Anna Both. Very Special ladies and so glad I had them when my two girls were delivered. 🍼"

Dr Simona Fischer
38 King William Rd, Goodwood SA 5034
Phone: (08) 8272 7755

"Simona Fischer (and her colleagues, Stephen Lane and Alison Munt) at Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility. They deliver at Ashford. Simona is a bit quirky but so lovely! We ended up having an emergency c-section, which she knew I didn't want, but the sensitive and supportive way she discussed the options with me at the time was incredible. And I couldn't have asked for a better c-section experience, and recovery! And my scar is almost invisible!"
"She does the best section 😀"
"I went through Stephen Lane last time and Simona this time. Glad to hear this x"
"💕 Simona does like to use intervention, but was very respectful of my choices. Everything comes down to safety for her - if it's safe for you and bub, she'll go with it. I loved her xx"
"have nothing but praise for Simona. She's amazing and so caring."
"Simona delivered both my babies, I couldn't recommend her highly enough ❤️"
"Dr. Simona Fischer from Adelaide Obstetrics, she is so personable and down to earth. Couldn't have felt like I was in safer hands. I want to get pregnant again because I miss her! Haha."
"Lol I feel like this too! She was fantastic 😃"
"Love to hear this. I need a new ivf doc and have a referral for her. Had #1 in canberra and am missing my canberra baby team!"
"Dr Simona Fischer and the whole team at Adelaide Obstetrics. Second to none. 👌🏼"
"I currently see Simona Fischer at Adelaide Obstetrics and she is really working with me to have a better section experience and gets what I need in terms of care for Bub and I after delivery as well as for delivery"
"Dr Simona Fischer from Adelaide fertility and obstetrics. The absolute BEST!!!"
"Adelaide obstetrics and Simona Fischer :) can't recommend her enough for IVF and as I'm going through my pregnancy now... brilliant...."
%%"Dr Simona Fischer at Adelaide Obstetrics- sorted out my endometriosis through to IVF for my first daughter and delivered my second daughter! Love her! Ashford Hospital was amazing too!

Dr Anthia Rallis at Burnside War Memorial
2/77 King William Rd, North Adelaide
Phone: (08) 8239 2811

"She is absolutely amazing. So easy to talk to and very caring. She took such great care of me during my recent pregnancy with twins. Her rooms are fantastic, lovely staff and caring midwives who are so helpful."
"I second her. She made me very comfortable. She was very real!"
"Dr Anthia Rallis 100% brilliant person but also very knowledgeable and thorough, got me through my last hyperemesis pregnancy that involved several complications. I'm almost disappointed I won't be having anymore babies because I think she was amazing!"
"I couldn't agree more with you!! She's awesome"
"For sure! I recommend her to everyone now 👌"
"Dr Anthia Rallis. She was amazing. Ultimately she saved my life and my sons as he ended up being an emergency caesarean but she was so lovely and caring. She explained everything to me and she was stressing but kept it together and didn't let it show until after he was born breathing."
"I second Anthea 😊"
"I would have to agree with Sarah above, Dr Anthia Rallis is amazing!!! She is a absolutely wonderful doctor and we recommend her to everyone we know!"
"Dr Anthia Rallis. She's amazing, professional and so close and caring."

Dr Yen-Yung Yap at Yap Specialist
680 South Rd, Glandore
Phone: (08) 8297 4338

"Ultimately treated me for infertility and Incompetent Cervix halfway through the pregnancy, saving my son's life in the process. Just can not recommend him or his clinic enough. He is absolutely fabulous! He is honest and straightforward, but allows you to make your own choices. I am a plus-sized person, while he was open, honest and blunt about my need to lose weight, he was respectful and allowed myself and my husband to make the final decisions on treatment options. He is absolutely fantastic :)"

Dr Peter Muller at Women's & Children's
Maternal Fetal Medicine Service
2nd Floor Queen Victoria Building
Women's and Children's Hospital
Phone (08) 8161 9263

"His a maternal foetal medicine specialist so works with high risk patients. He is quite calm, which makes you feel calm/relaxed & has quirky personality. He is willing to work with what suits his patients given their specific circumstances to get the best pregnancy experience & outcome for the baby."

Dr Neil Tamlin at North Eastern Community Hospital
580 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown
Phone: (08) 8366 8237

"Dr Tamlin and ALL midwives absolutely amazing!"
"Absolutely Mel! Love them to bits (& I was actually sad to leave!)"
"Love Neil! I vote Dr Tamlin"
"We never want to leave either!!! If I have a third I'm totally asking for a balcony room 😄"
%%"I was lucky to get a balcony room on my second stay & it was lovely to watch the New Years fireworks.
A third? 😜"%%
"Dr Neil Tamlin at north Eastern community hospital! Delivered both my boys and loved him!! Highly recommend him!"
"Dr Neil Tamlin at north eastern community hospital. He is amazing and so calm. He's also funny and very approachable. All the staff there are amazing."

Dr Annaliese Perkins at Ashford Hospital
3/19 Alexander Ave, Ashford
Phone: (08) 7123 6466

"She's absolutely amazing and the level of care & support she provides is outstanding. As a sonologist she also performs scans at each appointment which helps with peace of mind. Her clinic midwife is just lovely as well. Highly recommend!"
"Dr Anneliese Perkins at Ashford got me through my geriatric status pregnancy. Nice neat section scar at the end and was supportive in my decision to go that way. Chris my midwife was awesome, non judgemental and a nice person too."
"She's amazing! Very kind and caring and available to answer any and all of my questions, she also does ultra-sounds from her rooms. I loved seeing my baby each time i visited her! She also is on Facebook and replies to messages and posts interesting facts and photos of the babies she has delivered! :) Highly recommend."

Dr Stephen Lane at Adelaide Obstetrics
38 King William Road, Goodwood
Phone (08) 8272 7755

"Adelaide obstetrics were amazing!!! We had Stephen Lane after he was recommended to us by a couple of friends and our IVF specialist... but I saw all of the team throughout my pregnancy and they were amazing! The care I received from everyone (inc. their midwives) there was fantastic and i couldn't sing their praises high enough!"
"I had him too! He was amazing and I loved the hospital too"
"Tara Tegen Dr Stephen Lane at Adelaide Obstetrics, he made me feel amazing and so confident throughout my entire pregnancy and labour"
"Stephen lane couldn't fault him through our IVF and pregnancy !! Goes over and beyond"
"Stephen Lane at Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility. He is the most caring, passionate, lovely and calm person I've met. Even with my first when my baby wouldn't come out, and he said in the most calmest tone, ok we've got to do an emergency c-sect, not once did my husband or I feel panicked or anxious. So the next two babies with him were just as pleasant and no question is a stupid question. I just wish I could keep having babies forever to keep seeing him and having him as our Dr. And the staff at AO&F are amazing. A well run ship there. 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
"Dr Stephen Lane from Adelaide Obstetrics, excellent"
"Stephen Lane and his team are amazing. The full care they give you from the whole team of Dr's & midwives before and after bubs is superb. Home visits from the midwife's after is the best too. Stephen has the kindest and gentle bedside manner which was important to me and is why he was recommended to me. We had both our babies with Stephan and the Adelaide Obstetrics team."
"We had the same experience. It was always so lovely going in for an appointment. The whole team are just so lovely"
"Stephen Lane at Adelaide Obstetrics is brilliant! I can't recommend him enough. As a control freak and a bit of a worrier, I did not stress once throughout both pregnancies. His manner is wonderful and he feels like an old friend who really cares about you and your family"

Dr Chris Hughes at North Eastern Community
580 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown
Phone (08) 8366 8239

"Dr Hughes at north eastern community. Such a happy and fun man makes you feel really comfortable"
"Yes, Chris is awesome 😊"
"Chris has delivered both my babies too, highly recommend! He's great 😊"
"Dr Chris Hughes at NECH - his style may not be for everyone but I LOVED how laid back, chilled and no-fuss he was about everything 😊"
"Dr Chris Hughes from North Eastern Community Hospital. Loved him, his easiness to talk to & also the care he took with me after I had bubs. Had some complications & he, along with the midwives at NECH, gave amazing care & support to my family."
"Yes! I second this!! LOVE Dr Hughes!!"

Dr Alison Munt from Adelaide Obstetrics
38 King William Rd, Goodwood
Phone: (08) 8272 7755

"She was amazing!! Absolutely loved her and everything she did for me... called it really early for my c section and she was 💯 % right that the cord was around his neck!!!"
"Dr Alison Munt from Adelaide Obstetrics. She was amazing, very nurturing, friendly and very thorough with everything, I couldn't fault her. The whole team were incredible too, they even came to my house after the baby was delivered to remove my stitches and see how I was going - highly recommend!!!! Ashford hospital where they work out of was incredible too!"

Dr Mandy Nicholls at Ashford Hospital
57-59 Anzac Hwy, Ashford
Phone: (08) 8297 1855

"Dr Mandy Nichols at Ashford was amazing. Her PAs are also amazing always friendly and willing to help you with anything you need. I needed to be induced a week after my due date which I was nervous about as I wanted a natural birth. She supported me to have the drug free birth that I wanted ensuring that I was booked into the labour suite with the large bath and had access to anything I should need along the way."
"Couldn't agree more!! Absolutely love her and her staff. 😀"
"I had Mandy Nicholls from Ashford, she was amazing. And Simons Fischer for my c section - she was great. Loved them both. So easy going and supportive!"
"Mandy Nichols at Ashford is amazing. I had Stephen Lane first time who I found uncaring and disinterested, not to mention a tad creepy. Mandy was the complete opposite and went above and beyond with care."

Dr Linda McKendrick at Ashford Hospital
3/19 Alexander Ave, Ashford
Phone: (08) 7123 6466

"She tells it as it is and doesn't sugarcoat things. If you're looking for someone who will sympathies with your every little minor pregnancy symptom she probably isn't the doc for you (she's had 4 kids). But if you want to feel safe and know you are looked after if things go off track then she is AMAZING! Took control and saved my life. Can not recommend her enough."
"Totally agree. I had a complicated pregnancy and she was extremely thorough in managing me, my medications and staying in contact with my other specialist regularly so they could both ensure as smooth pregnancy as possible. I had serious complications and hospitlisation towards the end of pregnancy which was managed very well. she was also very supportive of the natural birth I wanted too (even after going down the induction route ). My birth was excellent and she allowed my body to do what it needed to, birth was fantastic. Her team were fabulous when I was in hospital as well as she was overseas at the time (Carl lam and Annalise Perkins). Can't rate her high enough!!"
"Totally agree too"
"I also saw Linda McKendrick publicly was amazing"
"Ashford Dr Linda McKendrick. Straight down the line and knows whats best for mum and bubs. I trust her judgement on all things for a safe delivery"

Dr Jeff Hillen and Midwife Kate Bergamasco at North Adelaide Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Calvary North Adelaide
Address: 89 Strangways Terrace, North Adelaide
Phone: (08) 8361 7888

"They were fantastic - honestly couldn't recommend them highly enough!!!"

Dr North and Dr Price at South Coast District
56 Bay Road Victor Harbor
Phone (08) 8552 0500

"I saw Dr North through my pregnancy and he was great. Dr Price delivered and she was fantastic. She has such a calming influence and was very helpful and gracious."

Dr Karen Chandler at Burnside War Memorial
4/120 Kensington Rd, Toorak Gardens
Phone: (08) 8364 3642

"She is absolutely amazing! Such a calming influence. Would highly recommend her and her team!"
"Totally agree. Dr Chandler was fantastic! Made us feel so relaxed! Definitely well looked after at Burnside!"
"Dr Karen Chandler at Burnside. We've had 2 children with her and she has been great throughout both pregnancies and labours"
"I had my two with her also... she's great"
"Dr Karen Chandler - Burnside hospital. Wonderful care by herself and her team throughout both my pregnancies and births. My second was a VBAC! Karen is fantastic !"

Dr Jeffrey Hillen from North Adelaide Obstetrics and Gynecology
89 Strangways Terrace, North Adelaide
Phone: (08) 8361 7888

"Based at Calvary was amazing for all 3 of my babies, I would absolutely highly recommend him, along with the incredible midwifery support of Kate Bergamasco from My Private Midwife. I really couldn't have asked for a better team 😊"
"Dr Jeff Hillen at Calvary hospital. Absolutely amazing."
"Dr Jeffrey Hillen was amazing for us. He and his staff - Lisa and midwife Kate were always so supportive and there when we needed them before and after our son was born. I was lucky to be one of the last of his patients to go thru North Eastern Community Hospital and cant speak highly enough of the midwives there too. Made becoming a new mum a very memorable experience."
"Dr Jeffrey Hillen North Adelaide Obstetrics Gynaecology is amazing. Will happily 100% recommend him."

Dr Xen Xenophou
53 Walter St, North Adelaide
Phone: (08) 8239 1299

"He is awesome and his team is lovely 💞"
"Amazing. He was my OB fir all 4 babies. Wouldn't have gone anywhere else."
"My OB was Xen Xenephou Beautiful caring man I'd highly recommend."

Adelaide's Recommended Obstetricians, Useful Lists, Adelaide Mothers Group

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