Decoding Prenatal Ingredients

Decoding Prenatal Ingredients

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Between pregnancy nausea and cravings, eating a healthy, varied diet to help keep both you and your growing baby healthy can be somewhat difficult - that's where prenatal vitamins play an important role.

Prenatal vitamins differ from a normal women’s multivitamin as they are designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of preconception and pregnancy. Famous fertility nutrients Folate, Iodine and Choline are required in higher amounts in pregnancy, to accommodate the nutritional demands of the growing baby.

Most women are advised to take specific supplements during pregnancy and even when they’re planning to become pregnant. It is important to choose prenatal vitamins that have been specifically formulated to:
  • Support a healthy pregnancy
  • Support placenta health and growth
  • Maintains healthy foetal development
  • Helps maintain healthy foetal CNS and brain development
  • Supports overall maternal health

  • What nutrients are required for healthy conception, pregnancy, and postpartum for the baby, and the mother?
  • Folinic acid, for its increased bioavailability. ‘Bioactive’ or ‘activated’ folate is a readily absorbable form of the nutrient - the closest synthetic version of Folate to what’s naturally found in food. Because it’s so familiar to our bodies, we can metabolise it fast, raising maternal folate levels quickly.

  • Choline plays an important role in healthy fetal development and healthy fetal Central Nervous System and brain development, and see it as an essential ingredient in prenatal vitamins.

  • Iodine is an essential nutrient for fetal growth and brain development - it is required for maternal thyroid hormone production.

  • Vitamin D supports fetal growth and development. It’s essential to the formation of strong healthy bones in both mother and baby, maintains healthy skin and improves immune function and muscle strength.

  • moode makes nutritionally formulated, scientifically-backed prenatal vitamins to maintain holistic reproductive health - way before babies enter the picture. Formulated to support a healthy pregnancy, each capsule includes 17 key ingredients in the highest quality and bioavailable form to ensure fast absorption and easier metabolism.

    Importantly, moode's 'The Prenatal' has an iron-free formulation, to help avoid gastrointestinal upset and it is also tasteless and odourless to not cause nausea.

    moode is a premium prenatal that is vegan and free from gluten, dairy, soy, sulfites, artificial flavours and GMOs. Plus it's tasteless, odourless, and designed into mini capsules for fertility support that’s easy to swallow.

  • Contains nutrients which support a healthy pregnancy.
  • Supports placenta health and growth.
  • Maintains healthy foetal development.
  • Helps maintain healthy foetal CNS and brain development.
  • Supports overall maternal health.

  • You can make a one-time purchase of moode's 'The Prenatal' for $56 or opt into a monthly subscription for $50 which can be cancelled anytime. Both options come with free shipping.

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