Kid & Hub: Adelaide's Coffee & Play Hub

If you can imagine a business, that is somewhere in between a play café and an Early Childhood Centre, then you may just have an idea of what Kid & Hub is all about.

Kid & Hub is a truly unique experience. It is a beautifully designed, tranquil place for parents, and an exciting play haven for children. If you are fed up with the typical play cafes that are noisy, busy, and dirty, then make the drive to Maylands to see the amazing team at Kid & Hub.

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You have the option of turning up, grabbing a table, and allowing your child to create, explore, and play, while you sip your coffee and relax in the peace and quiet. Or, Kid & Hub have classes throughout the week which you need to book ahead of time. These classes include Movers and Makers, Cooking, and Dancing. To find out more about the classes, click here. All of the classes are run by highly trained facilitators, and are designed with Early Childhood Education at the forefront, which highlights the importance of play for learning.

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Kid & Hub also provide birthday parties. The whole café will be closed for your child’s special day, and the best part is, you do not have to clean up afterwards. Absolute heaven! To read more about their party package, and the cost involved, click here.

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Speaking of costs: click here to see the different memberships and passes available. That’s right, you still have to pay to visit, but honestly, the money will be absolutely worth it, and it is always nice to pay small business owners for their amazing services, instead of big businesses for their noisy, busy, inattentive service (obviously not all play cafes fall under this category).

I’m sure you are all eagerly awaiting Kid & Hub’s details, so here it is:
Address: 253A Magill Road, Maylands 5069
Telephone: (08) 8123 4270
Opening Hours:
Monday and Friday 8:30am- 12:30pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:30am- 3:00pm
Closed weekends and Public Holidays

Have a relaxing and enjoyable time at Kid & Hub.

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[INTRO Are you tired of the same old play centres? You know, the ones where children are screaming, the tables are sticky, and the coffee is taking too long to arrive in your hand? Well, it's time to visit Kid and Hub for a little peace and quiet, as well as delicious hot coffee, while your child explores, creates, and interacts.]

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