Make-It-Yourself Sauce Swaps to Help Cut Sugar from Your Life

Make-It-Yourself Sauce Swaps to Help Cut Sugar from Your Life

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Posted 2023-01-11 by Becfollow
Ditch the sugar and salt from your favourite sauces with these fresh, healthier versions.

A delicious sauce or dressing is easily the quickest way to spice up any meal. It’s no secret though that many of them are packed with unnecessary sugar, salt and other weird nasties.

What if we told you there is an easy fix? These make-it-yourself swaps bring way less sugar to your family mealtime, yet taste just like your favourite, store-bought sauces and dressings - if not better! Have a go and enjoy all your usual sauces without loading up with sugar.

Sweet Chilli and Ginger Sauce

Just because it’s called sweet chilli sauce, doesn’t mean it has to be packed with sugar! This sweet chilli number uses Lakanto Baking Blend or Lakanto Golden Sweetener with a hit of fresh ginger to spice up your dishes without the added sugar.

99% Sugar Free BBQ sauce

Did you know just how much sugar is packed into a standard bottle of store-bought BBQ sauce? It’s a LOT. Thankfully, this swap comes with 99% less sugar, yet all the smoky, spicy flavour you love and want at your next BBQ spread.

Maple Mustard Dressing

This Maple mustard dressing uses Lakanto's responsibly sweet Maple Syrup. Simply sub out the Dijon for your favourite mustard and have an epic, versatile dressing for salad, vegetables and more.

Soy and Garlic Sticky Glaze

With no added sugar, the carbs in this swap are low enough to fit into a Keto or low carb lifestyle. It’s a sweet, sticky, decadent glaze is perfect for topping off vegetables or basting over your meat at a summer BBQ.

Sugar-free Mint Sauce

Who doesn’t enjoy slathering a delicious mint sauce all over your roast lamb and peas? This family favourite can now be enjoyed at any Sunday roast almost completely sugar free. The fresh mint packs this version with flavour you can see.

Tomato Sauce

It’s the Aussie favourite sauce that is typically packed with added sugar. Simply swap out your store-bought sauce for this version, which uses Classic Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener, for a responsibly sweet addition to just about any meal.

Vegan Sweetened Condensed Milk

We’ve saved the best for last! Using Lakanto Golden Malt Syrup, this nostalgic, versatile favourite not only tastes delicious but comes responsibly sweet, keto and gluten free.

Sauces don’t have to mean extra sugar and added nasties to your mealtimes. These responsibly sweet swaps are a healthier-for-you alternative the whole family will love. Check out even more recipes at and discover a new world of sugar-free cooking and baking.

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