Pumpt - Adelaide's New Permanent Indoor BMX, Mountain Bike, Scooter and Skate Park

It's here! Pumpt - Adelaide's first permanent indoor bike, scooter and sake park. Perfect timing for school holidays and the onset of Winter.

The 2500 square meter warehouse at Marleston has over 190 meters of tracks, starting gate and timing system, balance bike track for learners, fully equipped bike shop, clothing and apparel and cafe.

Ride by the hour on any of the 20′ BMX, 16′ BMX, scooters, balance bikes or skateboards they have available (included in the price). There are over 100 to choose from and they also have helmets and shin/knee pads to hire or buy.

The tracks have been designed in Scotland and made to suit those just wanting to have a bit of fun, those who want to get fit as well as serious training.

Beginners can start slow on the training track and then move on to the ‘A58’ Speed Ring before taking on the Battletrack. Kids can ride at their own pace and move up to challenge themselves when ready! Pumpt staff will guide them through with a helping hand on how to ride safely.

Kids of all ages can learn to ride in the balance bike area. Studies show learning to ride a balance bike is the best way to gain confidence before moving onto a pedalled bike. Most find they don’t need training wheels if they learn to ride a balance bike first!

Skaters will be kept happy on the halfpipe or young ones wanting to learn to skate board can join in on a training class. The skate bowl and ramps have been custom made by skate technicians who understand what’s needed to learn how to skateboard.

Cost and Bookings:
1. Book online and pay for an hour or more online
2. Head to Pumpt and check in at reception
3. Get tagged and then grab a bike or scooter and hit the tracks

General Session $20
Tracks open to all riders. Typically weekends and school holidays. Second and third hours are at a 30% discount

Off Peak Session $13
Tracks open to all riders. Typically during the day. Second and third hours are at a 30% discount

Park / Advanced Session $15
Tracks open to advanced riders. Night sessions on Thursday & Saturday. Second and third hours are at a 30% discount

Little Tykes on Balance Bikes $9
Designed for parents of young children. 3 hours for the price of 1, 10-1pm, Tuesday – Friday

Pumpt Party Packages
All party packs are $32 per person with a minimum number of 8. Additional food options and Pumpt products are available in the cart section as you make your booking. See Party Options Here

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Wednesday 10:00am to 6:00pm
Thursday - Saturday 10:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm
School Holidays 9:00am to 9:00pm
Closed on Public Holidays

221 Marion Road, Richmond
Phone: 08 7073 3388
Email: ride@pumpt.com.au

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