Sleep Consultants In Adelaide

Sleep Consultants In Adelaide

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Posted 2018-11-13 by Suefollow
A list of sleep consultants for tired parents.

When asking a parent what the most challenging aspect of newborn (and toddler) parenting is, one of the most common answers would be sleep deprivation.

Now, there is a difference between a newborn waking every 3-4 hours a night for a feed (which is the norm), and an older infant or toddler waking up multiple times a night, and hardly napping through the day. That's a whole other level of exhaustion, and really shouldn't be happening.

What is a tired parent to do? It can be really stressful reading all those parenting books and blogs, and how do you know if you're implementing their strategies correctly? We need someone to be there to support us through this straining time, and unfortunately our partners are just as tired and unsure as us. That's why Sleep Consultants and Sleep Support Groups are a godsend for all parents struggling with sleep routines.

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Thanks to our wonderful Adelaide Mums Group members, we have a list of highly recommended businesses to help you and your child get a good nights sleep.

The Beyond Sleep Training Project
Quite a few of our mums have recommended this group before seeking a sleep consultant. While we try to only endorse Adelaide-based companies, we can't leave this one out of the list. Our mums have said that this group is "so supportive", and "give the best advice". Click on the link above to join their closed Facebook group.

Early Childhood Parenting: Parenting Advisory
This fantastic service is located in Adelaide, and the Adelaide Hills area. It is a Facebook discussion group, with trained professionals whom you can book a consultation with. Our mums have found this service very helpful, saying "Jade is amazing", "Definitely Jade. Gentle and supportive, tailors everything to you and your child."

Baby Sleep Consultants Adelaide
Kelly, who is the Adelaide consultant, is very popular among our mums. Reading through her website will give you a sense of calmness and understanding of children's routines and habits. You will be on the phone, calling Kelly in no time.

" Kelly is amazing! I live in the Eyre Peninsula and she is well known over here. Nothing but success stories from what I’ve heard."

" Agreed. Best money I ever spent. My son was a terrible sleeper til I met Kelly. Now sleeps 12 hours a night and it only took 3 nights to get him there."

Phone: 0403 521 222

Email: [email protected]

Don't forget to read Baby Sleep Solutions for further information on Sleep Consultants in Adelaide, written by one of our Adelaide Mums Group members.

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[INTRO You are going to read two words that will make all parents cringe, and possibly cry a little. Sleep Deprivation. I'm sorry, I had to say it. But don't worry, we're here to help and support our Mums who are having a tough time with unsettled children. Thanks to our wonderful group of Mums, we have come up with a list of Sleep Consultants, and support groups around Adelaide. Please, if you and you're little one are struggling to get any sleep at night, have a look at this article, and contact a service that suits you and your family.]

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