Ten Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers

We have been exceptionally lucky with winter so far. Clear sunny days have meant that getting out and about has been a pleasure not encumbered by wet soggy ground or trying to wrangle toddlers in and out of the car while the rain sets in. This week however has truly brought the cold bitter winter rain and rendered us indoors…going a little crazy. So if you are confined to the indoors with toddlers as I am, here are ten rainy day activities that will make the day a little more enjoyable for all involved!

Build a pillow fort
My girls are obsessed with the washing, cushions and billowing quilts often throwing themselves down, squealing with delight. Pull a large quilt, some pillows and cushions and maybe a table into your lounge or heated area, put some music on and create a squishy fort for all kinds of fun.

Finger painting
Normally I would suggest this as a summer activity but it's still a good one if you are going to bath them shortly anyway . Make sure you get some child friendly paint in case they ingest it. Create some potato stamps and teach them about colours and shapes while you are at it.


Teddy bear picnic
Set up the teddies or dolls and some plastic Tupperware and spoons. Take turns cooking, feeding them and pouring pretend cups of tea.


Build a racetrack and ramps for toy cars
If you have a large old sheet or even just a large plain piece of card, pull out a thick marker and draw a race track, building in some cardboard ramps for toy cars out of shoe box lids or books and watch their imagination and delight.

Get crafty
Get a stack of colourful stickers and a large cardboard box from Bunnings. Make a mini cubby house and rather than textas and crayons for real little ones, give them lots of large colourful stickers to decorate it.

Go for rides in the washing basket
If you have tiles or floor boards, pop a towel or rug down and tuck your toddler into the washing basket pushing or pulling them around the house, down the hall, round the kitchen and give yourself a work out while you are at it.

Do some basic baking
Be prepared for a bit of a mess! You could bake some basic biscuits or make some no bake treats to avoid using a hot oven. Pre-measure the ingredients and let them pour it into the mixing bowl. My girls love mixing so let them get in there with the spoons and sample the fruits of their labour.

Bubbles and Balloons
If your littlies are anything like mine they will love all things bubbles and balloons. Grab a cheap pot of bubbles and a pack of balloons. Fill up a room and have a blast in your very own 'ball pit.'

Pegs, tassels, zips and buttons
Set up a play centre with items that have tassels, ties, zips and large buttoned items and let them zip, unzip, untie laces, work out how to use buttons and peg along fabric.

If your little ones only have a short attention span, call some pals and head to a play café, grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and let the troops blow off some steam.

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[INTRO If you are confined to the indoors with toddlers this winter, here are 10 rainy day activities that will make the day a little more enjoyable for everyone.]

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